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Northern California


About the

In its current Northern California incarnation, the show includes a first-rate two-piece horn section, vocal elements that derive from the Bay Areas’s legendary Cold Blood and one of Nor Cal's best rhythm sections. Club fanciers of the Bay Area take notice when you drop names like Steve Dunne (lead guitar), Dana Moret (vocals), Danny Sandoval (sax), Larry Davis (keys), AJ Joyce (bass) and Dave Johnson (trumpet). Bryan Kilfoil (drums) and Brian Oden (rhythm guitar) round out this All-Star ensemble.


Peel consistently attracts this kind of playing muscle in every major metropolitan area he establishes himself. It happened in New York, it happened in LA, and now it’s happening in Northern California. The fans of blues music Blind Lemon Peel most seeks to engage are Sacramento’s blues cognoscenti, and he is confident that his understanding of where to draw the line will be seen as clear as good moonshine by the people in Sacramento who most care about this music. 

The Buzz About BLP NOR-CAL

"As a band, Blind Lemon Peel has been at the forefront of progressive blues communities in New York, Los Angeles and now Northern California for more than 40 years. Their particular approach, incorporating traditional blues styles into progressive blues adaptations, has been a decades-long evolution.

As an individual, throughout his performance career, Peel has attracted musicians associated with the blues who are comfortable pushing at the traditional boundaries that have long served as guideposts for the creation of new blues music. As curator of an organic musical collective his bands have refined a compositional and performance concept that both borrows and creates and earned him the label of both 'performing artist and innovator.' " 

         -Sacramento News & Review

OF THE Band 


Best known for his work writing, producing and performing with famed Bay Area band LYDIA PENSE & COLD BLOOD. Co-producing the last few albums with the band, Steve has also written many of the tunes that have become the band's anthems.


One of the superstar sax players in Northern California, Danny is a virtuoso performer who continues to pursue his love of performing, and is actively involved in touring, recording and playing live soul, funk, blues and salsa. 


Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder has been the band’s manager for five years and is the all around go to guy; social media director, sound guy, roadie. Prior to BLP he ran with one of LA’s premiere acts, A La Carte. Contact him directly for merchandise: 


AJ Joyce

One of the most sought after bass player in Nor Cal, Aj has performed with such accomplished bluesmen and women such as Ron Thompson, Charlie Musselwhite, Johnny Heartsman, Joe Louis Walker, Harvey Mandel, Chris Cobb, Early Times, Sista Monica and Tysse. 


Dave Johnson

With over forty-five years of experience as a professional musician and educator, Dave Johnson keeps in high demand as a freelance trumpeter/trombonist in the greater Sacramento area. He has toured North America with The Coasters, The Temptations, and The Drifters.

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