"Blind Lemon Peel should be commended for bringing blues to a town not traditionally known for it. The band's dedication to the music and his vision is never in doubt. It's a testament to bad behavior and as authentic as it gets. Lots of songs have been written about sex or wanting sex. Not many songs have been written about uninspired sex. This band doesn't mince any words. Never ever has a lamentation about a lack of sex sounded so fun. Dot Hale's scat passages over gruff male declarations about cigarettes and other working man concerns provide a welcome counter to the usual L.A. music fare."


Grant Stoner, Music Connection



The  LA based Blind Lemon Peel All-Stars are  the New Orleans blues funk  show band the Orange County Blues Society calls "the hottest name on the SoCal blues scene." With high energy vocals,  a blues/funk rhythm section driven by Ray Brundidge (James Brown) and David Odom (Motown), and the Detroit stylings of Lucky Lloyd (Swamp Dogg) and Tad Galleran (Albert Collins), one thing is for sure—it's a stone party from the git-go!


Blind Lemon Peel keeps things fun, funky, and real. 


You can't deny the danceable grooves with a cool "Saturday Night Fish Fry" stamp on 'em.They combine infectious grooves, good slow-bluesers and an all inclusive party attitude



Blind Lemon Peel
A brawny voiced blues shouter in the same tradition as his heroes, Big Joe Turner, Howlin' Wolf, Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, David Dot Hale wails the blues. He mixes originals with a handful of off-beat covers and delivers them has a preference for improvisation and mining for unique melodies, lyrics, scats, and grooves. He's toured from New York to London, New Orleans to Paris, but calls Los Angeles home.


Ray Brundidge


The great Ray Brundidge, who toured 8 years with the legend James Brown, is the glue that holds it all together. He puts the bass in its place and the jump start in your soul.




Dave Odom


Southpaw drummer Dave Odom brews up his own blend of magic while keeping the beat with his fatback grooves. The man's got more pop than a box of Rice Krispies. 'Nuf said.

Lucky Lloyd


Lucky Lloyd, an LA guitar legend, is the master of guitar stylings... some Chicago style blues here, a little Memphis funk there, a pinch of BB King for spice and a whole lotta his bad ol' self all over the place. Lucky is an All-Star among All-Stars!



Tadg Galleran

Keyboardist Tadg Galleran played first blues gig with Albert Collins in 1966.  At seventeen years of age, he was in the Los Angeles and Broadway company of "Hair," the musical. Tadg also appeared with blues great Bernie Pearl for three years as part of the Bernie Pearl Blues Quartet during the famous M'Dears sessions. 

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