Blind Lemon Peel has been at the forefront of progressive blues communities in major cities from NYC to LA for more than 40 years. Peel’s particular approach, incorporating traditional blues styles into progressive blues adaptations, has been a decades-long evolution. 

He explains it like this: “The way I categorize progressive blues is broadening the genre while anchoring its roots firmly to its past -- Mississippi, Chicago, Texas, Kansas City, and even Louisiana – almost creating a fusion of styles. Progressive blues operates outside the box, and isn’t afraid to take risks and experiment, all the while knowing exactly when to bring it home.”

Indy Pulse Music

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"Blind  Lemon Peel is a completely unique blues amalgam. Add in some funk from James Brown and Johnny Guitar Watson, some country-fied blues from Elvin Bishop, the humor and vocal delivery of Rick Estrin, and, shall we say, the irreverence of Wynonie Harris, and you'll get a fairly good idea of what's going on. One thing is for sure—it's a stone party from the git-go! You can't deny the danceable grooves with a cool "Saturday Night Fish Fry" stamp on 'em. Blind Lemon Peel keeps things fun, funky, and real. Infectious grooves, good slow-bluesers and a party attitude make this band not to be missed!"                       Nashville Blues Society

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"Blind Lemon Peel is just as freeform and manic as the music he makes and can’t be stuffed into one genre; one tune can be slow burn style blues, another can be frenetic and fun and send your toes into a tapping frenzy. He takes joy in abandoning genre limitations and mixing things up, making a mosaic of music when he hits the stage."                             Long Beach Edge